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  • Will you be Ballot Press’ next published author?

    Every other month, a new winner is chosen for a $2,000 prize if published based on votes from readers and Ballot Press judges. If not published, the winner will receive $500.

    Enter the writing contest to win $2,000 Here!

    First, writers submit a complete manuscript after agreeing to the contest rules and terms of service. Then, the writer selects 1,500 words or less to be posted on Ballot Press. And like a private writers’ group, readers can then critique the work and vote from one to five on each entry.

    All entries are open to votes for 60 days, regardless of when they are submitted. There are no entry fees. The end of every other month beginning in February, a new winner is selected.

    The top entries, in their entirety, will be judged by a Ballot Press jury.

    If selected by the judges for publishing, the work will be professionally edited with the writer being responsible for requested rewrites, then copy edited. Next, the book will be published and promoted by Ballot Press with writers earning 50 percent of the net profits.


    Ballot Press’ February winner was the Revealing by Charles Harrelson from Thornton, Colorado.
    Ballot Press’ March winner was Paradise Not Quite Lost by Richard Keller from Fort Collins, Colorado.